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james_s2010 at NOSPAM dot hotmail dot com
11 years ago
I was looking for a way to interactively get a single character response from user. Using STDIN with fread, fgets and such will only work after pressing enter. So I came up with this instead:

#!/usr/bin/php -q
function inKey($vals) {
$inKey = "";
in_array($inKey,$vals)) {
$inKey = trim(`read -s -n1 valu;echo \$valu`);
echoAT($Row,$Col,$prompt="") {
// Display prompt at specific screen coords
echo "\033[".$Row.";".$Col."H".$prompt;
// Display prompt at position 10,10
echoAT(10,10,"Opt : ");

// Define acceptable responses
$options = array("1","2","3","4","X");

// Get user response
$key = inKey($options);

// Display user response & exit
echoAT(12,10,"Pressed : $key\n");

Hope this helps someone.

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