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Nicolas Merlet - admin(at)
12 years ago
Be careful using http digest authentication (see above, example 34.2) if you have to use the 'setlocale' function *before* validating response with the 'http_digest_parse' function, because there's a conflict with \w in the pattern of 'preg_match_all' function :

In fact, as \w is supposed to be any letter or digit or the underscore character, you must not forgot that this may vary depending on your locale configuration (eg. it accepts accented letters in french)...

Due to this different pattern interpretation by the 'preg_match_all' function, the 'http_digest_parse' function will always return a false result if you have modified your locale (I mean if your locale accepts some extended characters, see for further information).

IMHO, I suggest you not to use setlocale before having your authentication completed...

PS : Here's a non-compatible setlocale declaration...
setlocale ( LC_ALL, 'fr_FR', 'fr', 'FR', 'french', 'fra', 'france', 'French', 'fr_FR.ISO8859-1' ) ;

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