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justin dot (nospam)george at gmail dot com
13 years ago
Note that it's a very, very bad idea to append to global variables in a loop, unless you really, really mean to do so in a global context. I just a while ago hung my server with a snippet of code like this:

$uri  = rtrim($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], "/\\");

$GLOBALS['SITE_ROOT'] = "http://$host$uri";

while (
$i < somenumber)
readfile($GLOBALS['SITE_ROOT'] = $GLOBALS['SITE_ROOT'] . '/this/file.php');

While it is an entertaining and unusual method of creating very long URLs and breaking servers, it's a pretty awesomely bad idea

(Especially considering that the script in question ran concurrently with others of it's type, so the value in $GLOBALS['SITE_ROOT'] was unknown.)

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