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1 at 234 dot cx
13 years ago
I don't think the filename validation solution from Jones at partykel is complete.  It certainly helps, but it doesn't address the case where the user is able to create a symlink pointing from his home directory to the root.  He might then ask to unlink "foo/etc/passwd" which would be in his home directory, except that foo is a symlink pointing to /.

Personally I wouldn't feel confident that any solution to this problem would keep my system secure.  Running PHP as root (or some equivalent which can unlink files in all users' home directories) is asking for trouble.

If you have a multi-user system and you are afraid that users may install scripts like this, try security-enhanced Linux.  It won't give total protection, but it at least makes sure that an insecure user script can only affect files which the web server is meant to have access to.  Whatever script someone installs, outsiders are not going to be able to read your password file---or remove it.

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