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xangelusx at hotmail dot com
13 years ago
A note about the QUERY_STRING variable when using IIS:

I have found that IIS does not handle large query strings gracefully when passed from PHP. In addition to truncating them to around 1024 kb, I have seen IIS actually add data from other server variables to the end of the truncated data.

This occurred on Windows 2000 server running IIS 5.0 and PHP 4.3.8.  The problem did not occur when handled by Apache, even on another Windows server.

Note: I realize passing this much data is best accomplished using the POST method, which would avoid this problem all together. I'm merely detailing a problem that I came across.

I have created a page that includes the (very long) query string that was used and some of the results that I saw while testing. It can be viewed at I didn't want to include it here as it would stretch the page out significantly.

~Chris Bloom

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