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14 years ago
Running Xitami in Windows 2000 and PHP 4.3.7, nor PHP_SELF or SCRIPT_FILENAME is not availiable. Trying SCRIPT_NAME instead. Here is a function that returns the filename of a script without slashes. Good for use in HTML FORM ACTION=""-arguments...

function getThisFile() {

/* try to use PHP_SELF first... */
if (!empty($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])) {
  $strScript = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];
/* otherwise, try SCRIPT_NAME */
} else if (!empty($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'])) {
  $strScript = @$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'];
/* last resort - quit out and return nothing */
} else {
  return null;

/* fint last frontslash in filename */
$intLastSlash = strrpos($strScript, "/");

/* check if last backslash is more far away in filename */
if (strrpos($strScript, "\\")>$intLastSlash) {
  /* if so, use the backslash position instead */
  $intLastSlash = strrpos($strScript, "\\");

/* cut out from the last slash and to the end of the filename */
return substr($strScript, $intLastSlash+1, strlen($strScript));

Tested on PHP 4.3.7/Win32 and PHP 5.0.3/Linux.
You may add more filepaths to the first if-section
to get more chances to catch up the filename if you can.

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