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jlaing at gmail dot com
14 years ago
While trying to do object references with the special $this variable I found that this will not work:
class foo {
  function bar() {
    $this =& $some_other_foo_obj;

If you want to emulate this functionality you must iterate through the vars of the class and assign references like this:

$vars = get_class_vars('foo');
foreach (array_keys($vars) as $field) {
  $this->$field =& $some_other_foo_obj->$field;

Now if you modify values within $this they will be modified within $some_other_foo_obj and vice versa.

Hope that helps some people!

developer at sirspot dot com's note about object references doesn't seem correct to me.

  $temp =& $object;
  $object =& $temp->getNext();

Does the same exact thing as:

  $object =& $object->getNext();

when you refernce $temp to $object all it does is make $temp an alias to the same memory as $object, so doing $temp->getNext(); and $object->getNext(); are calling the same function on the same object.  Try it out if you don't believe me.

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