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maya_gomez ~ at ~ mail ~ dot ~ ru
15 years ago
when you upload the file, $_FILES['file']['name'] contains its original name converted into server's default charset.
if a name contain characters that aren't present in default charset, the conversion fails and the $_FILES['file']['name'] remains in original charset.

i've got this behavior when uploading from a windows-1251 environment into koi8-r. if a filename has the number sign "" (0xb9), it DOES NOT GET CONVERTED as soon as there is no such character in koi8-r.

Workaround i use:

if (strstr ($_FILES['file']['name'], chr(0xb9)) != "")
$_FILES['file']['name'] = iconv (
str_replace (chr(0xb9), "N.", $_FILES['file']['name']));

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