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php at alfadog dot net
4 years ago
One additional not regarding odbc_pconnect  and possibly other variations of pconnect:

If the connection encounters an error (bad SQL, incorrect request, etc), that error will return with  be present in odbc_errormsg for every subsequent action on that connection, even if subsequent actions don't cause another error.

For example:

A script connects with odbc_pconnect.
The connection is created on it's first use.
The script calls a query "Select * FROM Table1".
Table1 doesn't exist and odbc_errormsg contains that error.

Later(days, perhaps), a different script is called using the same parameters to odbc_pconnect.
The connection already exists, to it is reused.
The script calls a query "Select * FROM Table0".
The query runs fine, but odbc_errormsg still returns the error about Table1 not existing.

I'm not seeing a way to clear that error using odbc_ functions, so keep your eyes open for this gotcha or use odbc_connect instead.

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